Why Visit The Thousand Islands Even If Only Once?

Behind the super severe crowds, the city of Jakarta is still an area that is always hunted by the people of Indonesia. In addition to the opportunity to find a larger rice, Jakarta also has its own island called the thousand islands. The island is also very popular among travelers, both local and international.

Previously, this thousand island was closed due to the coronavirus pandemic or Covid-19 to stop the spread of the virus. Since Jakarta has entered the psbb transition stage, the thousand islands have been reopened to visitors. Even so, the thousand islands still apply health protocols that have been determined by the government for tourist attractions. This can certainly be a recommendation for you and your family to enjoy the holidays at the end of the year.

Why visit the thousand islands?

For those of you who are curious, why should visit Pulau Seribu, there is no harm in the following review.

Close to Jakarta

A vacation to the island feels definitely “wah” and exciting. Instead of going all the way to Komodo Island in Nusa Tenggara, it is better to visit Pulau Seribu. In fact, the distance to this island is much faster than the distance to where you work. You also don’t have to spend 8 hours to get to your destination. Because Pulau Seribu can be reached by just 1.5 hours from the capital.

Easily Accessible

As the provincial capital of Indonesia, Jakarta offers all the conveniences, including access to visit tourist attractions. Despite its name “island”, access to the thousand islands is not as difficult as when you visit other islands. You can visit here by bus. Only you have to be willing to travel by engine boat every time you want to visit all the islands. Because the boat is one of the means of transportation on this island.

Friendly People

Another reason why you should visit the thousand islands is its friendly people. The majority of the people who live here live as fishermen. They are happy to help you in case of difficulties. In fact, they are also willing to take you around this island if you want. Cost issues? Take it easy, they set a standard price. So, no need to be afraid of your wallet deflated huh.


We all know that visiting an island costs a lot more, considering the access to transportation and accommodation is still very rare. But, take it easy, a visit to Thousand Island still keeps your wallet safe. You don’t have to be afraid of your money running out. That’s why you should visit here. If your budget is limited, you can join a vacation like a simple backpacker. All existing costs are also covered. So, you must be far from wasteful while enjoying the holidays.


Thousand Island may still be foreign to the ears of Indonesian people, especially those in the village. But the beauty of this island is second to none. In a holiday season like this, it’s a good time to leave time to visit this beautiful island. That way, your vacation feels more exciting, the wallet is also not drained. However, holidays during the coronavirus pandemic like this, you and your family still have to pay attention to health so as not to be exposed to the disease virus by applying health protocols to prevent the Covid-19 virus strictly.

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