Tips for Traveling During the 2022 Eid Holiday With Family

Eid holidays are becoming the momentum of spending time with family. Many communities choose to spend time on sightseeing. Sure this adds warmth to the family.

Everyone certainly has a purpose to travel with the family. It’s either in mountains, beaches, lakes, or urban.

In order to make this a meaningful impression for you, it is necessary to pay attention to several things before traveling during the 2022 Eid holiday. The factor to take precedence is to observation, security, and convenience.

Here are tips for vacationing on Eid:

Traveling During the 2022

Tips for Traveling During the 2022 Eid Holiday With Family

1. Ensure priming body condition

Before you go on a tour with family, make sure your body is in prime condition. Understand in advance whether you are exhausted or feeling under the weather.

If necessary you can do medical check up at a clinic or nearby hospital to find out your health condition.

It is necessary for time to be travelling with the family became safe. It can of course avoid the risk of an accident.

2. Ensure vehicle condition in a good performance

Vehicle performance also needs to be in check out. Is the vehicle in good condition for sightseeing. Make sure you check vehicle readiness starting from brake, clutch, engine oil, and so on.

Additionally complete the mail survey at your vehicle. Of course you don’t want unwanted distractions when you’re on a family trip.

3. Home security check before traveling

Before you actually leave the house, ensure the security of your home. Pay attention to the valuables you left at home.

In addition, make sure when you be go an house in a tight lock. This is in order to suppress the risk of crimes that could have lurked. If necessary, bring related items your family on holidays such as gold, jewelry, etc.

4. Don’t forget to bring first aid kit

This suggestion is optional. But when during traveling, how better to prepare health supplies. Minimum First Aid On Crash (P3K) box.

Of course your Eid holiday risk is as high as you can. Let’s avoid it. But there is nothing wrong with when we prepare for anticipation early on. Bring at least vehicle hangover, antiseptic, and antiseptic drugs.

5. Try designating a deserted tourist spot

Besides, you can choose a tourist places that tend to be quiet or offer private services. Examples include private villas, rarely visited beaches, natural waterfalls, and others.

Try discussing with children and to outside concerning such tourist attractions. Choose an interesting, but under-threaded one, so that your holidays can be fun and tend to be safe.

6. Wear a mask and keep a distance

If you’ve already specified right and time travel, next you need to ensure activity during the tour.
Make sure you and the se family then put on a mask and keep your distance with other visitors.

complete the provisions with sahand washing buns and handsanitizers to maintain hand hygiene. That selian, remind the children to unmask hAnya at meals.

So when they feel hot, uncomfortable, or other, strictly forbidden to unmask. Give understanding and education to have children comply with those regulations.

7. Try a swab check

This Swab check is an important activity you need to do when deciding to take a vacation during a pandemic. Make an effort to take a swab test before leaving for vacation and on your return home vacation.

Swab test before vacation serves to ensure that you and your family will not pass Covid-19 on to others during the tour.

Meanwhile, the test The swab after the holiday is useful for ensuring that families will not carry the corona virus while at home and continue daily activities. It is best to select the preferred thrue drive swab testng safer, practical and convenient.

8. Fill the body’s nutrients and take vitamins

The next step you need to sell right is maintaining the health condition from the inside. Fill the body’s nutrients with complete nutritional intake, ranging from carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and others.

If necessary add supplements and vitamin tablets to consume during before holidays and after holidays. This is to keep your immunity strong if exposed to Covid-19.

9.Bring enough food & drinks

Bringing food and drink enough during sightseeing is also important. Because we do not necessarily find minimart, so it is recommended to prepare snacks to a rather heavy meal like bread.

Carrying food and drink it also allows us not to run out of energy. We are enjoying the various rides that are already provided while on a tour.

10. Wear Comfortable Clothes

While on vacation, you are obliged to wear comfortable clothes Thus, you can freely move around and have fun around the tourist area. Uncomfortable clothes can make it less comfortable because of the grit or the fact that they are cold. It is important to adjust it to the conditions of the intended place.

For security reasons, to children should preferably wear bright or flashy clothes. This is to make it easier for parents to search for children if out of sight. However, always watching the child while in the crowd is the main thing.

11. Prepare Needs

There are many risks that could be alone happens while on vacation. You have to make extra preparations for your needs to be filled during the holidays. For example, always prepare a preferred snack. In addition to not having the bother of looking at tourist attractions, the snack is also healthier and safer.

Other needs e.g. pertaining with cleanliness. Carry objects such as spare masks, hand sanitizers, hand washing soaps, and personal hygiene devices. If needed, also bring clean and serviceable dining utensils.


It is indeed happy news that now Indonesian people have experienced a lot of easing related to tourism in the pandemic.

Although the spread of Covid-19 in Indonesia is low, it would be good if we still adhere to daily protocols that applies in Indonesia.

In addition to being comfortable together, you and your family can also reduce or prevent the impact than this Covid-19 virus.

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