Most Crowded Tourist Destinations in South Bandung Area

In addition to being known as the Indonesian Fashion Town, Bandung jThe many uga have attractive and exotic tourist spots. The Bandung region located in the highlands makes this region indeed a characteristic of cool or cool mountains. It’s okay if Badung becomes a favorite place for Jakarta and its surroundings to go refreshing.

One of the areas with several tourist destinations which is crowded with tourists is South Bandung. This mountainous geography region is suitable for visiting with family and friends.

Most Crowded Tourist Destinations in South Bandung Area

There are several sightseeing spots to visit if to South Bandung, the following:

Situ Patenggang

Tourist destinations you are obliged to visit if you are in South Bandung is Situ or Lake Patenggang. In this place you can enjoy a wide view of the lake complete with a variety of unique flora and fauna. In addition, there are other facilities in it, such as by-product shops, inns, parking lots, hot springs, outbonds, and many others. The unique feature of this tourist destination is the presence of “Rata Love”. This object was made by the surrounding residents and tourists as a form of affection between two couples. So no wonder in February coincides with Valentine’s day, the area is very crowded with tourists.

White Crater

Most of the tourists are probably unfamiliar with kawasan tourism of White Crater, because it has been famous to the countryside. The White Crater is a lake formed of white Mandira and has a very pungent smell of sulfur. To get to this place, it takes about two hours from the center of Bandung City using private or public vehicles. By the time of the holiday season, the White Crater can already be pinched gets crowded and congested. Because this place is indeed an icon of South Bandung area tourism. In order to maintain the safety of visitors, the managing authority implementing the tourist policy should not be in the lake or crater area for more than 30 minutes. It is recommended for those of you who came to this place to use a mask.

Cimanggu Hot Springs

In addition to being able to enjoy the natural charm of White Crater, in Ciwidey area you could also visit other tours known under the name Cimanggu hot spring bath. This safer nature tour is surrounded by large trees and various wildlife. There are also rare trees around baths such as Rasamala and Baros trees. This tourist spot is suitable for those of you who want to let go the weariness of daily routine activities. By bathing in this hot water, you will feel relax and pegs on the body so it’s gone. Try to come early to enjoy the mountainous quiet atmosphere.

Ranca Upas

If you want to take a vacation with family in South Bandung area , Ranca Upas could be a tourist attraction worth visiting. Here you can enjoy beautiful natural scenery, a variety of flora and fauna, as well as a unique and comfortable lodging place. As beautiful as the scenery around Ranca Upas is, it is often a sweet selling place for couples who want to take photos of pre wedding. In addition, you can also enjoy a variety of tourist rides such as baths, outbonds, by-the-go shops, to dining stalls that provide traditional Sunda menus typical of Sunda. If you want to enjoy the natural atmosphere, you are also allowed to build tents. There are also tent rentals in the area of Ranca Upas that you can wear.

Ciwidey Strawberry Garden

Since it is located in a mountainous area, it is no wonder that South Bandung’s father dominated the plantation. One of them is the Ciwidey Strawberry Garden. The tourist spot is also crowded with tourists. Besides you could also learn directly from farmers starting growing crops, caring for strawberry gardens, you can also pick strawberries directly and buy them to be the hand fruit of family at home or friends. One kilo is pegged starting at Rp.50,000 – Rp75,000.


The South Bandung area is quite crowded especially in take a day off, will make tourist spots congested and roads will be congested. To this end, it is best to arrange a holiday schedule so as not to collide with the holidays. If you have to, make sure to depart early to avoid traffic jams. In addition, prepare all needs during the struggle to tourist attractions located in South Bandung, starting with enough money, food and soft drinks, as well as changing clothes if it is planning to stay at hotels around tourist attractions.

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