East Java’s Most Exciting Fruit Picker Tourist Site

Enjoying a long day off becomes a mening momentgkan that many people always wait for. This one activity is even gaining popularity as many people post by telling interesting holiday experiences on their social media. It is also supported with various beautiful Indonesian holiday destinations. This will certainly intrigue other people who see the posts and want to explore more about those tourist spots.

Those of you who want unique nature tours and beIt’s different, there’s nothing wrong with visiting East Java. Not only the Mount Bromo area, there are also many fun and fun fruit picking tours, so it gives a different holiday sensation than usual. In addition to enjoying the beautiful nature of the plantation, you can also experience how it exclaimed picking fruits straight from the tree.

Fruit Picker Tourist Site

Here are some destination agrowisata combinations fruit that can be visited in the East Java region:

Orange Pick Agrowisata, Malang

Want to get rid of the tingling and enjoy the shades of village calm , it’s time to visit the agrowisata located in Selorejo Village – Dau District, Malang. The region has several varieties of oranges that are not only sweet but also have the best quality. You can enjoy this fresh fruit by directly picker it from the tree or it may be a hand fruit. In this tourist destination there is also a cheap homestay, so it can take longer to enjoy a vacation at the orange picket tour, Malang.

Durian Village Tour, Jombang

Durian does become a seasonal fruit that can only be be found in certain times only. But in this agrowisata region, you can find durian fruit all year round. There are many kinds of durians developed here, of course, that taste delicious and addictive. Besides being able to enjoy durian fruit directly in the garden The thing is, you can also learn with the gardeners there how to grow this one fruit, including buying the seeds directly there. Don’t worry, the venue will offer a price that is still very friendly and reasonable. If you’re a durian fruit lover, this one destination is certainly well worth making a choice, isn’t it?

Kusuma Agrowisata, Malang

Located in Stone – Malang City, a sat destination this is not just an apple picking tour. It can also enjoy a variety of other fruits here, such as strawberries, dragon fruit, oranges, red guava, and many others. It should be noted that these various fruits do not contain pesticides, making them healthier and safer to consume.

Keboen Nogo Bululawang, Malang

If you are a dragon fruit lover and want to pick this fruit from its tree, must visit this one agrowisata area, which is Keboen Nogo Bululawang which is located in Malang. In addition to its fresh fruit, this tour also offers a variety of dragon fruit processing that is no less delicious, including chips, syrup, crackers, sweets, and more. Don’t be afraid to run out, because this region has a fairly large dragon orchard with up to tens of tons of harvest.


Holidays are not a problem with beaches and recreational parks, now it’s time to enjoy a holiday at the fruit plantation. Nowadays, many plantation destinations are emerging and can be used as a choice. In addition to being able to pick and enjoy various fresh and healthy fruits at the same time, you can also add a lot of knowledge to plant fruit.

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