Cool and Popular Malang Tourist Site You Can Visit Alone or With Family

The attractiveness of Malang City for tourists both domestically and abroad is unquestionable. Become one city with a fairly rapid economic growth number two in East Java after Surabaya made the city quite crowded.

A Cool Place to Visit in Malang

This time we will discuss some of the tourist destinations in Malang that you are obliged to visit at liburan to Malang. Here’s the full review :

Cycling in the Air in Coban Rais

Malang which is famous for its natural tourism in Batu area offers many tourist destinations in the form of waterfalls or commonly known by the term coban. The waterfall that is quite beautiful and worth a visit is Coban Rais. The attraction of this waterfall is that there is an air bike facility where a bicycle can be serviced bag a rope. In this tourist attraction You can enjoy the beauty of the hill with the ornament of the main course of the waterfall.

This tourist attraction is located about 16 kilometers from Malang City. This waterfall has a height of reaching 20 meters and flowing precipitously through an ashy hillside. This tourist attraction also has a viewing substation with a heart shape facing the wilderness, you are free to take pictures at that place. For the visiting these tourist attractions make sure to visit outside the rainy season. This is because the water on this tourist attraction during the rainy season will turn dirty and muddy. 

Pine Goa

Travel or forest tourism these days is indeed on the rise thanks to the trend of folk photos adjust the beauty of nature. This tourist attraction presents the beauty of the pine forest with the addition of the beauty of Stone City. The Stone City famous for its cool hawks is able to soothe and refresh the mind and body. Once this tourist attraction was before it was managed good is a sand mining area, but the local tourism office’s attention has made this tourist attraction much sought after both travellers and photographers who come to the Rock.

Not only does it present beautiful scenery, this tourist attraction also has many facilities that such as places of worship, toilets, to camping grounds that can be used to spend the night at these tourist attractions.  This tourist attraction is located in Mountsari, Bumiaji Stone City, and to enter into this tourist attraction You are only charged a levy amounting to Rp. 5,000.

Jodipan Village

Kampung Jodipan later went viral thanks to the management of the slum village which was conjured into a The pungan is beautifully clean and certainly photogenic. The management of Kampung Jodipan which has now transformed into a tourist village is the idea of a group of Muhammadiyah Malang University (UMM) students who intend to the slum face of this village mural painting, the color of house paint, until the provision of cleaning facilities to keep this village clean and well-maintained.

The village located on the outskirts of this messy river has currently turned into a place that is and then crowded with both travellers and photographers. Some of the attractive spots of this tourist attraction include the Garakas Embong Bridge. The bridge is located only 500 meters away from Malang New Town Station. this tourist attraction opened in 2017 and current became a public means linking Jodipan Village with3D Tridi Village.

Balekambang Beach

It is unfortunate that it does not only present a panoramic view of the beauty of the highland or mountain. In Your Poor can also enjoy the beauty of the southern coastal area which is certainly beautiful and no less beautiful than Bali. What distinguishes between the beach in Bali and the beach in Malang is the magnitude of the waves where the beach in Malang tend to have large waves. This is because it is located directly facing the ocean.

One of the must-visit beach destinations in Malang is Balekambang beach. The beach is The shortcut has a similar shape in Bali, precisely the tourist attraction of Land Lot where on the beach is Pura on a small island adjacent to the coast. The Pura was named Pura Amerta Jati and stood on the island of bamanama Ismoyo Island. This pretense is up to this is still actively used as a place for Hindu worship, both ceremonies of ordinary days and as great ceremonies such as ‘Suroan’ the dated java Accelerate with the Java New Year or Nyepi Holiday.

Mt. Semeru, Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park

Who doesn’t know Semeru Mountain with its Mahameru Peak? a mountain with a height of reaching 3,676 meters above sea level is the highest mountain on Java Island. This mountain is also becoming more famous thanks to its review in the 5cm film released in 2012.


So that was some unfortunate popular tourist spots you could visit. How ,do you already have plans to take a vacation to one of those recommendations?

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