Cheap Festive Tours, 5 Charming Falls In Malang City

Most of the people certainly think that vacationing is just the casea will cost a lot so as to incur extravagance. But in fact you can also go on a festive holiday without fear of bags being drained out. One of them is by choosing cheap but still making vacationing enjoyable, one of which is waterfalls. Nowadays many charming waterfall tours can be found, especially in Malang City. It can even make it one of the alternative holidays with family.

5 Charming Falls In Malang City

Here are 5 waterfalls you can visit when berada in Malang City.

Coban Talun

The first festive cheap waterfall tour to visitgi is Coban Talun. Located on a peaking earth on the slopes of Arjuna mountain, Tulung Rejo Village located about 15 km from the center of Malang City. It is said to be cheap because admission to this place is only around Rp5000 only, isn’t it cheap?

Coban Rais                                                                                                       

Coban rais is the highest waterfall in the Malang East area. Its location close to the city of Batu makes the tour crowded with people especially during weekends. Located in Dresel Hamlet, Oro Oro Ombo Village, you need to reach around IDR 5000 only.

Rainbow Coban

The waterfall is very popular among Semeru climbers. This is because of the location of its waterfall which is indeed in the area of Mount Semeru hiking trail. This waterfall, which is at 1400 mdpl, will only make you reach Rp6000 for admission.

Coban Kethak

This waterfall is in the Perbutani region, to be exact the superior between the districts of Kediri and Malang. In fact, this stream from the kethak coban is a stream from the Lanang River to the Kediri. This waterfall has been open to the public since 2014 with an admission price of IDR 5000 only.

Coban Rondo

It can be said if this waterfall is a waterfall which is quite popular among tourists visiting the unfortunate. Its own spring source is Cemoro Budo water which is on Coban Rondo road, Pandesari, Batu, Malang. The admission ticket itself is around Rp15,000 and specifically for foreign visitors is around Rp25,000. Not only is it suitable for nature activities, it can also enjoy camping areas as well as various outbond game rides ranging from maze, flying fox, and others.


Holidays are not always synonymous with luxury and pleasure only. Even at a convenient cost can enjoy a vacation that remains exciting with friends and family. It’s a lot nowadays of nature tours that have reasonably cheap ticket prices that you can visit.

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