Can’t Wait for the Holidays? Record the List of Tourist Places Open in New Normal

There has been a year more Indonesian people just at home to cut off the chain of spread of the corona virus or Covid-19. It means that it has also been a long time since people have spent vacation because during this pandemic, all tourist spots in Indonesia were forced to close for a while.

Considering that currently Indonesia has entered the transition period of PSBB to new normally, a number of tourist attractions in Indonesia, especially in major cities such as Jakarta, Bali, Yogyakarta and others have begun to reopen. It is certainly good news because it can be a holiday again to relieve boredom at home alone.

List of Tourist Places Open in New Normal

For travelers who can’t wait to enjoy vacation time, the following a list of some Indonesian tourist spots that have already started opening at new normal times.

Beautiful Indonesian Mini Park

Certainly not a few communities have missed going around 34 province at once in one day at Beautiful Indonesian Mini Park, isn’t it? Yes, the TMII management informed that the tourist destination that introduced the nusantara cultural reserve starting from the custom house, custom clothes and others will be re-opened on June 20, 2020, coming up.

Safari Park

Safari Park Becomes One of Favorite Tourist Sites an adult who is in the Cisarua area of Bogor Peak, West Java. In this normal new, Safari Park has already reopened, precisely on June 15, 2020. Not all tourist attractions in Safari Park are opened, but they are entrenchedap. First, only some tourism takes precedence, namely outdoor or open tourism. After that, the managing side of Safari Park will survey. If the results are good, then another tourism will follow open.

Thousand Islands Tourist Destinations

Thousand islands become one of the favorite tourist spots lokal or country. In this new normal period DKI Jakarta has opened the Thousand Islands since June 13, 2020. Here’s a tour of the Thousand Islands that’s already open:

  • Boy Scout Island
  • Javanese island of Good Luck
  • Ayer Island
  • Tiger Island
  • Angel Island
  • Sepa Island
  • Rainbow Island
  • Princess Island

Ancol Dream Park

Ancol management informed, that the favorite tourist destination is located in North Jakarta will re-open on June 20, 2020, coming up. There are several Ancol recreational units to be opened, including:

  • Ancol Beach
  • Fantasy World
  • Allianz Ecopark
  • Ocean Dream Ocean
  • Art Market
  • Sea World Ancol
  • Mermaid Resort Inn


There are still many other tourist attractions in Indonesia that have begun to open back in normal new times. Given that this will be at great risk of transmission of the corona virus, then the government appealed to the entire organizers to tighten health protocols to every visitor. Starting from mask wear, body temperature check, hand wash provision, keep distance, restrictions on visitors on each day and others. Visitors are also expected to always comply with the rules prevailing at each tourist destination during the normal new period.

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