[Best] 10 Honeymoon Destinations in Indonesia, Romantic For New Couples

Place of Honeymoon in Indonesia, the Most Beautiful – honey Moon is the moment the desire of every couple who is getting married. Married without his honeymoon as the complete lack of taste. Though not mandatory, but at least be an activity is rare that you should take after getting married. The honeymoon is an important moment not to be missed.

Not only as a time of rest after a series of events wedding exhausting, Honeymoon can also be a great time to enjoy quality time with your spouse before back in the daily routine.

No need to go far away to a foreign country, in Indonesia, a lot of romantic places that suitable for a honeymoon. Our beloved country is the largest archipelagic state in the world that has 17.503 island. With the number of islands that are so much then we have so many travel options.

10 Honeymoon Destinations in Indonesia

[Best] 10 Honeymoon Destinations in Indonesia, Romantic For New Couples
[Best] 10 Honeymoon Destinations in Indonesia, Romantic For New Couples

Special for you guys newlywed couples here’s a list of 10 romantic places in Indonesia Klovne version that you can make reference to the thrill of the honeymoon hotel.

Seminyak Beach, Bali

Although classified as a tourist spot elite, the beach is never deserted by visitors because of its natural beauty that is stunning. Bali can not be separated from the word romantic. Here you can see the sunset, walk to the north of the Kuta Beach you will arrive at the best beach to see the sunset or sun set that is Seminyak Beach.

In addition, you can also try some of the other interesting things like a visit to the temple, try bungee jumping, Seminyak Square and many other things. Honeymoon with your partner on this island must be special.

The Island Of Ora, Maluku Tengah

Ora beach is a beach located on the Island of Seram, Kecamatan Seram Utara, Maluku Tengah. Ora beach is rated as the paradise of the world the people of Indonesia. With a private atmosphere that is not so many visitors, and such as feel in the island and a private beach. This place also offers a hassle-shaped house on stilts over the sea.

You can also do diving and snorkeling up to a depth of 2-3 meters. In addition to the beach, you can also enjoy the beauty of mountains, cliffs, forests, and coral reefs that are still very natural. With all the beauty that has made the Island of Ora as one of the honeymoon destinations that you must consider.

Pulo Cinta, Gorontalo

Current Pulo Love can be said as one of the main tourist destinations in Gorontalo. As the name implies, Pulo Cinta is a very appropriate choice for those of you who want to enjoy the Honeymoon unforgettable. In Pulo Love you could spend your honeymoon with a stay at Eco Resort which is located in the middle of the sea.

Crystal clear water with white sand is a perfect combination of beautiful to a beach. Other fun things you can do here, like going to the beauty of Pulo Cinta, exploring the forest, the activity of the mandatory snorkeling and diving. The situation is very quiet and away from the city fuss make Pulo Love to be a suitable place for the perfect honeymoon.

Lembang, Bandung

Lembang Bandung is already well known since long time, because this is the area where nature is beautiful and amazing. Surrounded by tropical rain forest is still beautiful, you can choose from a wide variety of accommodation on offer, ranging from glamping natural feel to the complex resort with luxurious amenities.

Bandung has a series of facilities to support the moment of your honeymoon with your spouse. For you who want to retreat and enjoy the romantic atmosphere of both spouses, place this one looks like it fits you.

Takabonerate, Sulawesi Selatan

Takabonerate is a marine park that has the coral atoll third largest in the world, and the first in Southeast Asia. Don’t be surprised if this area is used as one of the National Parks in Indonesia because it has a biodiversity of marine life and coral reefs are very high and diverse.

The sea surrounding the island is famous with its so beautiful with the area of 40% more than on the mainland. Create a new partner who like the atmosphere of the sea and the beach, National Park Takabonerate located in the Province of South Sulawesi is the most fitting.

Raja Ampat, Papua

The open sea by coral islands that are arranged neatly welcome some of the tail of a dolphin leaping about. Blue sky blends with the beautiful ripple of the waves combing every white sand beach at the edge. The fresh air blowing boisterous and the sound of seagulls any burst of beautiful. This is a paradise in real life on the earth. The description of beautiful place above is not a dream, all real and really exists. Raja Ampat islands, West Papua, Indonesialah place.

The beauty of Raja Ampat has been known to Foreign tourists. Raja Ampat has a lot of destinations that can be explored with the pair of them Wayag Island, Misool island, Salawati Island, and much more. There are also many inns hotel or resort with buildings on stilts above the water that you can live in. For the newlyweds, enjoy Raja Ampat is a honeymoon dream. You as a honeymoon in paradise.

Bintan Island, Riau

Bintan unfolds across Singapore and Johor bahru, Malaysia. Don’t be surprised if the city is visited by many tourists from Malaysia and Singapore. Some places honeymoon on the Island of Bintan are often targeted tourists in whom Pearl Beach Resort and Lake Blue Bintan.

This island also serves the nuances of the beautiful nature makes this island is the right place to vacation with your partner. Although this place is not as popular as Bali, but the charm of the Island of Bintan equally beautiful. Here, there are also many hotels in the coastal area, which offers a honeymoon package.

Gili Trawangan, Lombok

You’re looking for a place to honeymoon smoke pollution? yes, Gili trawangan is the place to go. Motor vehicles are strictly forbidden to operate there. instead, the means of transportation used is a bike and cidomo (a type of horse carriage khas Lombok). The island is known for beautiful and the best place to spend moments of the honeymoon.

Gili Trawangan, Lombok has a beach facing west and east. Tourists can also enjoy the sunset and sunrise in one of the island. This place also save the beauty of exotic sea and the natural atmosphere is cool. So this place is a very suitable place to honeymoon with your partner.

Weh Island, Aceh

One more hidden paradise at the end of the western part of Indonesia, named the Island of Weh. The island is located in the northwest of the Island of Sumatra, which directly borders with neighboring countries is certainly presents a valuable experience. Many of the tourist areas on the island that you can visit with a partner such as waterfalls, mountains and where the relics of the post-war world.

You can also enjoy culinary delicious and the coffee is typical of Aceh while looking at the beach. There are also available the best place to stay with all facilities complete course with affordable price.

The Derawan Islands, East Kalimantan

Derawan island is an island located in Berau regency, East Kalimantan. The island is very popular among travelers because of the beauty of the beach and sea. Unwind with a couple on the edge of a romantic beach will make your honeymoon more enjoyable. Not only the beauty of the sea, these islands, you can also swim explore the ecosystem of Goa Haji Mangku.

Other activities such as diving in Goa, Under the Sea, swim in the crystal clear Lake Labuan Cermin and much more charm, just the Derawan Islands are no less beautiful. Pay a visit to these sights will certainly be able to break the ice between the pair.

Final Words

All the places romantic honeymoon above the already Klovne review have the privilege each is good on the beach and the mountains. Roughly where in accordance with the wishes of you and your partner? Hopefully this article useful.

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