8 Most Hits and Instagrammable Banyuwangi Tourist Sites

Banyuwangi is at the eastern end of Java Island. though letThe ax is on the outskirts, Banyuwangi deserves to be calculated to be a holiday destination. There are many interesting things to see in Banyuwangi, ranging from tradition, art to tourist attractions.

Banyuwangi Tourist Site Most Hits

You who have already been to Bali or Lombok will surely be sedLet’s flashback if it’s a vacation to Banyuwangi because the atmosphere is more or less the same. Rather than being curious, check out the following reviews:

Ijen Crater

Ijen Crater is located between Banyuwangi City and Bondowoso presents quite an interesting sight. From the top of the summit, tourists can enjoy the view of Blue Fire, which is because there are only 2 in the world and one of them is found in Banyuwangi. The beauty of Blue Fire can be witnessed in the early hours of the morning, approximately 1 o’clock morning.It means travelers have to saystay in the resident’s house around or come in the evening before climbing the Ijen Crater.

Bajulmati Reservoir

There’s no need to go all the way to King Ampat to enjoy the signagengan beautiful nature, just go to the Bajulmati Reservoir which is in Banyuwangi. On top of the 1,800-acre land are mounds of land resembling a cluster of islands believed to be able to accommodate thousands of tourists at once. Entire travelers can marrydie the beauty of Bajulmati Reservoir free because it does not charge any fees, except parking fees for those carrying private vehicles.

Ijo Bay Beach

Tourists who visit this beach are not just visitedIt’s covered by beautiful white sand only, but also trees lined around the lips of the beach, clean air and a flock of monkeys living among the lush trees. The waves of the beach are not very high and dangerous, so it is very safe for tourists who wanted to swim.

Plank Beach

Plank Beach or known as the G-Land terleIt’s not right inside the Alas Purwo National Tourist Area. The quite challenging state of the waves made the beach appraised by surfers from all over the world. There are even surfers who say that these beach waves are similar to those in Hawaii. While on vacationplay at the beach, you can also get marriedIt’s a view on Alas Purwo because it’s still one area.

Red Island Beach

It was named “red island” because it was on the edge of te beach lipflatten a mound of hills whose soil is red. The beach has very abundant white sand and stretches 3 kilometers. For those of you who love surfing sports, come to this beach in the afternoon. After surfing later, you dapat enjoy the sunset view of bshore ibir.

Bangsring Floating House

Floating House located in the middle of Bangsring Beach, Banyuwangi. This house was used as a place for coral reef cultivation. Tourist sites can be reached using boats provided by local residents. Just pay Rp10,000 for it, you can stop by the Bujang House and snorkeling all you want while you’re at it the fish and coral reefs.

Benculuk Nursing

tall and deciduous trebles in Lord’s films and The Rings you can find directly in Banyuwangi, precisely in Benculuk Village, Cluring District. While riding a bike, relaxing and breathing fresh air, you can also enjoy several other activities such as rafting and fishing.

Lider Falls

Known as the highest waterfall in Banyuwangi with the altitude reaches 60 meters. The running water comes from the springs of the surrounding mountains. Lider Falls is able to produce rainbow reflections during the day. The rainbow scenery is thought to have originated in sunlight that hit the splashes of water that swished. You can imagine how wonderful this waterfall during the day.


War weapons such as cameras, tripods and polaroid must be prepared immediately before the holiday arrives. Moreover, Banyuwangi has many good spots for taking pictures, so you are increasingly existing during the vacation.

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