6 Low-Cost, Recommended Tourist Sites for the Latest Visit

Semarang City, a city that has a very long history. That city has a wide variety of tourist attractions. Lawang Sewu, a very famous sightseeing spot to halfway around the world.

Now Semarang City has a myriad of new tourist attractions that are again hit in this area. Here’s a list of 8 Cheap and Recommended To Visit.

Recommended Tourist Sites

6 Low-Cost, Recommended Tourist Sites for the Latest Visit

1. Cimory On The Valley

Cimory itself is indeed it has a name for a quality yogurt producer who is processed from their own farms.

The printers again they develop its business by opening a resto that combines with a dining area, a children’s play area as well as a tour to farm them.

Well Cimory On The Valley Semarang is the second resto to be opened out of a total of 3 resto currently in existence.

Of all three Cimory resto The existing Cimory On The Valley Semarang is the most complete. If it’s Cimory Riverside, the mini zoo isn’t yet. fully aka not yet 100% so it’s still less fun to visit.

Well in Cimory On The Val These ley are all facilities ready and certainly ready for visitors to enjoy. One of them is like a mini zoo, playground kids and many more.

Cimory admission price On The Valley is also said to be quite cheap and affordable.

2. Semilir Hamlet, Semarang

This Semilir hamlet is just a tourist spot name only, but the extent can be said to be the same as the usual village/district. in the coming time forging. This tour will be a one stop travel destination because it has a place to eat, resto, food court, glamping area, etc.

But the ones already in this tourist destination is just a snack place, a food court, and a by-and-by place that has now started operating. Well, even if it’s new, this place has been visited a lot.

Semilir Hamlet tourist attractions this has a special architecture or building form and is certainly very charming. There’s been a lot of news about this tour is that the tourist destination of Semilir Hamlet will become a new icon from Semarang City of Central Java.

This tourist spot is located it is very settled because it is not in a congested place. The word from Semilir Hamlet can be articulated so as Sejuk Hamlet.

If you guys want to visit here will be treated to the natural scenery of the countryside, but the facilities in this place can be said to be quite complete. Oh, my friends.

3. Celosia Bandungan Flower Garden

In this tourist spot you can find various miniature shapes such as dutch house buildings, towers, windmills and many others.

Such buildings it’s a spot to take selfies that certainly Instagramable. Then it’s no wonder that many tourists come to this tourist destination mostly for looking for photo spots only.

Recently indeed Flower Garden Celosia adds new facilities, including a lampoon park as well as a colorful lamp photo spot, which will certainly add beauty this tourist spot.

Photograph of the beauty of the garden lampion The celosia is already spread on social media especially Instagram that made this place go viral again because of the photo.

Not just the beauty of a flower the building alone has become a magnet for attention in the Celosia Flower Park, but also the admission price is quite cheap and expensive. You share all circles, as well as a wide variety of facilities already available at this one tourist destination.

It certainly becomes value the of this tourist spot.

4. Umbul Sidomukti

Umbul Sidomukti’s Own Semarang is a popular tourist destination on the slopes of Ungaran Mountain Semarang. Maybe a lot of people think that this Umbul Sidomukti is the same as Umbul Ponggok who was in the Klaten because it was the same named umbul.

Actually it does almost look like but remains different, the difference is that in Umbul Sidomukti the facilities are more complete and compared to Umbul Punggok.

Even Umbul in this Semarang is not only provide nature tours, but also provide various fun game rides that are certainly a pity for you to miss.

Same thing with tourist attractions who is in Semarang City, Umbul Sidomukti Bandungan was also charged at a price that is indeed relatively affordable and arguably cheap enough.uk tourist attractions like this Umbul Sidomukti.

admission price Umbul Sidomukti This can be said to be cheaper if you visit it with the troupe and of course you buy tickets that are troupe. Indeed the price of a troupe ticket will is cheap compared to individual tickets.

5. Ayana Gedongsongo Tour

Ayana Gedongsongo constitutes one among the various new tourist attractions located in Semarang. The tourist attractions of Ayana Gedongsongo are recently visited by tourists because it has a unique and instagramable place.

This tourist spot is starting to be open for the public since June 11, 2018. Having a unique concept as well as attracting attention, it is visited by tourists a great deal because it has such a unique concept.

These tourist attractions are also meandering would be a tourist destination of a tight spot that was unfortunate to miss. On the site of Semarang’s new tourist destination has a variety of cool and Instagramable photo spots.

Manager of the tourist attraction intentionally blends a variety of new innovations in modern tourism with beautiful scenery and natural atmosphere typical of mountains.

At Aya Admission Price Gedongsongo Semarang which is arguably cheap and easy access is expected to be a separate attraction for tourists.

6. Sunrise Hill Gedong Songo

In addition to presenting visitors an exquisite nature, various photo spots that Instagramable exists in this tourist spot, such as upside-down houses, replicas of overseas buildings, windmills, Papua houses, replicas of presidents, replicas of gorillas, and more.

Visitors can take pictures traditional clothes from Java and use kimono like Japanese people complete with cherry blossom backdrops. Also available are Chinese-style as well as Korean photo spots.

Well for those of you who bring don’t worry, Sunrise Hill Gedong Songo Semarang also provides a play area for children, aka Playground which is certainly safe and comfortable to use for playing the heart.

Complete children’s play is available on this ride, so the little one will not be bored when invited to travel at Sunrise Hill Gedong Songo Semarang tourist attractions.

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