8 Cheap & Delicious Field Culinary Tours

Indonesia is a country rich in diverse cuisines. What’s more, in every city or tribe it must have a distinctive food that has become a down-and-down.

One is Padang city, the most visited city because of its culture such as Malin Kundang or Gadang House. Moreover, the city of Padang was also severely affected with its typical cooker.

As we know the city of Padang is very identical to the Rendang. In fact, this one’s food has become a favorite on a visit to Padang’s dining house.

As it turns out, the kick is not one of Padang’s signature foods. Still many variety of other cuisines you should taste on a visit to this city.

Moreover, many typical cuisines in Padang are present in various corners of the city. While accompanying your vacation is more memorable, there is nothing wrong with tasting signature food Field.

However, you don’t have to worry if still confused about having to find a cheap and tasty cooker. Here are some recommendations for the best and cheapest culinary places in city this one.

Cheap & Delicious Field Culinary

8 Cheap & Delicious Field Culinary Tours

1. Soto Garuda

The first fairly legendary culinary in Padang that is soto garuda. This Soto garuda has been standing from 1976 to the present. Sure the main menu served is soto.

However, not just soto alone this restaurant also serves gado-gado and other menus. In addition, this one cooker has become a favorite for both tourists and the public.

Not only that, Now the restaurant also has various branches in the city. Even though this soto garuda has been standing for a long time, however, the taste is never different.

Taste that The served remains the same. Moreover, the taste of soto garuda is very distinctive with thick gravy. Therefore, many people who want to go back visit this restaurant.

Location: Jl. S. Parman Village No.110, Lolong Belanti, Kec. North Field, Field City.

2. Durian Ganti Ice Nan Lamo

Next there is a culinary place that you can make as a dessert after enjoying Padang cuisine is Es Durian Putnam Nan Lamo. The culinary that has been standing for a long time is already a destination fan avorite in town on this one.

Preserved menu there are various kinds of durian thok ice, mixed durian ice, durian ice cream and other durian ice menus.

Other than tasty, menu Es Durian Replace Nan Lamo is affordable. With just 10,000 yen you can enjoy the sweetness of this ice.

Moreover, if during the day will certainly make your mood more pleasant. Make sure you bring your friends to taste the cuisines on this one.

Location: Jl. Hos. Cokroaminoto No.31B, Lodge Village, Kec. West Field, Field City.

3. Sate Danguang-Danguang

As per his name, Sate Danguang-Danguang is a type of culinary that is sate-shaped. This sate is thinly sliced beef, added to the seasoning containing coconut butter.

The seasoning itself is very concentrated like yellow-colored da glue. Usually, it is served with a plate covered with banana leaves and rice cake pieces.

In addition, Sate Danguang-Danguang is very accessible so there’s no need to be confused if you want to taste this food. Not only that, but for one portion it amounts to 17 skewers.

Even if it’s has become the typical food of the area here. Therefore, it is no wonder that this culinary destination always crowded buyers.

Location: Jl. Tepi Pasang No.67 Kel, Kampung Pondok., Kec. Padang Barat, Kota Padang.

4. Pondok Baselo Lubuk Idai

Next there’s a place popular that serves seafood menu which is Pondok Baselo Lubuk Idai. The menu provided variously has grilled fish, curry stew, clam soup and more.

A culinary destination that one this is mandatory for you to visit the city of Padang.

What’s more, food provided is affordable. However, the restaurant not only provides seafood only but also provides another menu with the distinctive taste of Padang city.

Well, for your fans eat food can come to this place.

Location: Jl. Raya Padang – Bukittinggi No.Km. 25, Sungai Buluh, Kec. Batang Anai, Kab. Padang Pariaman.

5. Martabak Kubang Hayuda

Not only heavy food only, you will also find Padang’s signature snack, Martabak Kubang Hayuda or the one that is called Egyptian martabak. For self-processing it is almost the same as martabak generally. The composition of meat, eggs and seasonings certainly makes this food taste special.

Interestingly, this martabak body’s a thicker size compared to a typical martabak. And for the menu it consists of 3 kinds of special martabaks, super martabaks, and regular martabaks. When you visit Padang without visiting this place it is certainly unfortunate.

Location: Jl. Raya KM.8 No.25, Lengkong Gudang, Kec. Serpong, Kab.Tangerang.

6. Sate Mak Syukur

Next there is culinary legendary you must visit is Sate Mak Syukur. This one cooker has been standing from 1941 to the present. However, for the quality of taste there is no doubt.

With the raw material of the tongue, fat and beef will certainly make a tongue shake.

Beside the taste that typical warm, sate comes with a very thick and delicious gravy. Therefore, you will not forget the taste of this sate.

Thanksgiving sate has been making with a down-to-earth prescription. In addition, the restaurant also provides a unique drink that you must try which is egg tea.

Location: Jl. Sutan Syahrir No.250, Silaing Bawah, Kec. Padang Panjang Barat, Kota Padang Panjang.

7. Es Cendol Patimura

It’s time to meet again the fresh and sweet slice is Pattimura Cendol Ice. One of the city’s quite famous culinary destinations.

What’s more, culinary it serves chewy cendol ice and a refreshing mixture of ice. However, there is another unique thing that makes tourists flock to the this place.

Ice Cendol Pattimura in serve with delicate emping, pulverized glutinous rice, red sugar and supplemented coconut grate.

Sure this thing, make cendol ice is different from general cendol ice. In addition, for just 8000 you can already enjoy this one cendol ice.

Location: Kampung Jao, Kec. Padang Barat, Kota Padang.

8. Es Durian Iko Gantinyo

Next there is dur ice the other that you can try on a visit to Padang city his name is Iko Gantinyo Es Durian ian.

For you ice fans Durian doesn’t hurt to visit this place. Besides being good, the menu is stocked at a reasonably low price.

Not only that, ice thorns this comes with a wide variety of toppings you can choose from. This one cooker not only presents durian ice but also there is a number of accompaniment menus such as Pempek and sate Padang. In addition, it has a minimalist design that is suitable for hanging out.

Location: Jl. Pulau Karam Kelurahan No.9, Kampung Pondok, Kec. Padang Barat, Kota Padang.

Final Words

That’s the 8 favorite culinary tours in Padang that we recommend. Not only do Padang cuisine work, but there are other kinds of foods that you can taste.

In addition, those places are very accessible. Of course, they are perfect for you who are on vacation to Padang city.

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