7 Yogyakarta Tourist Destinations That Look Charming with the Light of Dusk

Yogyakarta, the city of its thousand breathtaking attractions, is indeed not once deserted the enthusiasts of the travelling enthusiasts. Yogyakarta has always been a mainstay destination because of its tourist attractions other than others. For those who do not have experience in the province adjacent to Central Java, Yogyakarta is always an attractive city for you to visit at all times. The treats of tourism are diverse, ranging from, historical tourism, shopping, and even natural tourism can be found in the city.

For those who feel longing for the beauty that exists in Yogyakarta, mMake this city a tourist destination the next vacation is certainly a bright idea. The lonely yet exotic atmosphere makes those who have never seen the beautiful Yogyakarta tourism when the sun has not yet peaked feel that they have not enjoyed the best attractions of the city.

Yogyakarta Tourist Destinations

The beauty of Yogyakarta’s tourist attractions will look much more breathtaking deThere is a shadow of sunlight still on the horizon. For this, it can be an interesting reason to know that the atmosphere of tourist destinations in Yogyakarta can never be forgotten when visited at dusk.

Enjoying the Orange Sky at Borobudur Temple

Although geographically not located in Yogyakarta, Borobudur te Templebut it became the travelers’ favorite tourist destination that made Yogyakarta their tourist destination. Since it only takes 2 hours from Yogyakarta, it is a responsibility to take a vacation to the special area without visiting Borobudur Temple. Borobudur Temple is also almost never absent in any travel plans for tourists visiting Yogyakarta. In addition to being one of the most magnificent sites in the world, Borobudur Temple also has an interesting story. The feature of Borobudur Temple, which is well suited to enjoy while waiting for the sun to set. Being able to enjoy the silent atmosphere until sunset will certainly be a romantic experience, moreover when visiting with a couple. Therefore, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the twilight sky at Borobudur Temple on a visit to Yogyakarta with one’s loved ones.

Dusk in Puthuk Setumbu That Is No Longer Epic

Due to the adjacent location, the destination of Setumbu Puthuk is often dictated Visit post to Borobudur Temple. It is only hundreds of meters away from Borobudur Temple, almost never making the site of Puthuk Setumbu quiet for visitors, especially because of its incomparable scenery. If at Borobudur Temple you can enjoy the beauty of the orange sky, in Setumbu Puthuk you can wait for the sun to sink with the epic view of Borobudur Temple. Against the backdrop of the splend of Borobudur Temple at sunset in Puthuk Situmbu, it is guaranteed that you hope to never escape from the beauty of the site.

Restoring the Spirit of the Afternoon Vacation at Suroloyo Peak

When you want to visit Suroloyo Peak, you need to prepare power extra to reach it. To get to Suroloyo Peak, it has to climb about 300 steps. However, the beauty of Suroloyo Peak will never make such a struggle feel pointless. Having a background of 4 typical Indonesian mountains, Mount Merapi, Mount Merbabu, Mount Sindoro, and Mount Sumbing, it is certain that the holiday spirit will be full again, moreover when visiting in the afternoon. Although not as well known as other destinations in Yogyakarta, gradually, Puncak Suroloyo is not unlikely to be the mainstay tourist. To this end, be the first visitor to enjoy the beauty of dusk at Suroloyo Peak before becoming an overrated tourist spot.

The Romance of Dusk at the Altitude of Ijo Temple

Known as the highest temple in Yogyakarta made Temple Ijo is quite popular. Although the visitors are not as many as Borobudur Temple, the attraction of Ijo Temple is very affectionate to miss when visiting Yogyakarta.  The relief ornament on the temple wall wrapped in a typical afternoon light will surely make the burden of mind that has been piled up so far without any marks. Coupled with the opportunity to see Yogyakarta’s natural landscape, you will feel like being stuck at the moment forever. So, don’t forget to leave one slot empty in the plan.n for a visit to this Ijo Temple.

Waiting for the Night Over Parang Endog Hill

It’s no secret that Parangritis Beach is a prima donna destination which is in Yogyakarta. However, it is rarely known if the attractions in the region are not mere beaches. A little looking east, you can easily see a pretty interesting hill, Parang Endog Evidence. At Parang Endog Hill, there is a panoramic view of Parangarthritis Beach and a sport that can test mental, paragliding. If visited near nightfall, you can wait for the sun to slowly sink and leave its rays. It is certain that such scenery will be an unforgettable memory ingrained in mind after vacationing to Yogyakarta.

Orange Color Decorations in Caliblue

In the Menoreh Mountain area, you can visit Kaliamu Village, Kulon Progo. There is one destination tourism is very interesting, which is Kaliblue tourist forest which some time ago was viral. If you have time to see the post about the booming Kalibuya forest, the afternoon scenery in the area is indeed amazing. By visiting this tourist forest, you can become one of the lucky visitors who can feel the tranquility of the afternoon atmosphere of Kaliblue.

In order for the experience of visiting Kaliblue to be unforgettable, there is one spot pa nod built on a pine tree. If you have the opportunity to climb the spot, your eyes will be pampered with a panoramic view of the Sermo Reservoir from up there. With the vastness of beautiful hills as its landscape ornament, Kaliblue became a must-visit tour in the afternoon.

Strengthening the Mystical Impression of Queen Boko’s Temple at the End of the Day

The first impression for anyone who visits Queen Boko must be chemistic the. Even though it can make At a moment’s stand, Queen Boko still has her own characteristic exotic characteristic. This is because the building in Queen Boko was actually a palace. With an area of up to 250,000 square meters, it is guaranteed you will be content to surround the palace. With many distinctive decorations of a king and queen’s occupancy, there is no need to worry about lacking spots to take pictures. Of course, for the photo results to be perfect, visit Queen Boko in the afternoon should you do so. That way, the light at dusk becomes an interesting effect when photographing.


Yogyakarta is indeed identical as an exotic tourist city and has many destination visitable breast milk. Some tourist spots even have a very breathtaking attraction when visited in the afternoon. For this, do not miss the beauty of the twilight light from some of the tourist spots so that the vacation experience gained becomes unforgettable.

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