7 Must-Visit Makassar Tourist Sites

Used to be called Ujung View, but since 1999 one of the major cities in eastern Indonesia was renamed Makassar. As the capital of South Sulawesi province, it has a great deal of appeal. One of them is a tourist spot that comes first and cannot be missed.

Tourist Site in Makassar

Here are seven tourist attractions in Makassar yIf you are in Makassar, please visit.

Typical Culinary, Coto Makassar

The first day when you set foot in Makassar don’t miss it for breakfast with its signature cooker, Coto Makassar. This one meal is said to be quite loved by Makassar residents as a dish eaten in the morning.   Coto Makassar itself consists of processed beef gravy which is eaten with rice, sometimes some residents juga eat it with a ditemani ketupate in place of rice. Coto Makassar dishes get more delicious when you add lime juice.

Fort Rotterdam

Tourist destinations you can visit during bThe erlibur in Makassar is the Fortress of Rotterdam. This fortress founded in the 15th century is a silent witness to the struggle of the Makassar people in expelling Dutch colonization during Sultan Hasanudin’s succession. The fortress itself was made as evidence of a peace treaty between the two sides the disputing of his time.first established this bull named Ujung View Fortress was later renamed Fort Rotterdam at the time insit by the colonization of Belanda. To date this bull still stands firm and becomes one of the most famous tourist spots in Makassar.

Losari Beach

Visiting a city that is on the outskirts of ta islandk completely felt no visit to the beach. Well, in Makassar you must visit Losari Beach. This beach is an icon from Makassar because it can enjoy the beauty of sunset while gathering with colleagues and the surrounding community. While gathering, you can also enjoy the deliciousness of pisang epek that can be purchased at a section of the Losari Beach area. As a tourist attraction that tourists are most interested in, it is no wonder these tourist attractions are always be kept clean.

Mosque of Amirul Makmin

Subsequent tourist objects that can be visited at Makassar is a famous Amirul Makmin Mosque located on the shore of Losari. This makes it seem as if this mosque floats, it is not uncommon for tourists to visit this tourist object to take pictures because of its instagramable spot. When the day is starting dark, you too can get marriedAti the colorful lights around the mosque. It gets more beautiful as the water below the mosque reflects the light yang makes her even prettier. The mosque, which is said to be able to accommodate up to 500 people, is often used for prayer prayer, no wonder that entering the Ramadan month this mosque will become crowded by visitors who want to break their fast together. 

Malino Tea Garden Peak

Besides being famous for its beaches and cuisines, realAnya Makassar also has a mountainous tourist attraction, namely Malino Tea Garden Peak. Here you can enjoy tea in the high mountains against the backdrop of clouds. Located in the highlands makes the hawa in these tourist objects very cool. Not just tea plantations, there are cafes and kebun mini animals that can be dpay a visit. Presenting a highland view makes this tourist object never deserted its main visitors to akir week. Based on multiple lThe top iteration of this malino tea garden used to be a resting place for Dutch soldiers.

Samalona Island

If you visit Makassar, you can stop by ke Samalona Island which is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Makassar. To be able to reach this island, you could use a boat with a travel time of about 45 minutes. On this island you could do underwater activities like senorkeling, up to diving. the clearness of that water there in the waters of Samalo Islandna makes you easily see the dazzling underwater life.

Trans Studio Makassar

Makassar actually also has an indoor theme park the first in Indonesia which is quite famous, is Trans Studio Makassar which is an indoor theme park located in the largest mall in Makassar. The tourist object is said to be the third largest indoor theme park in the world.


Any tourist destination you visit try to maintain sustainability and cleanliness in the place. The sustainability of tourist attractions is very important so that in the future it can still be enjoyed by many people.

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