7 Dearly Missed Tourist Sites In Gorontalo

Gorontalo became a sparsely populated tourist areagi people. Be advised, this one town is still a little unfamiliar to our ears. In fact, Gorontalo has a remarkable beauty, not less than the tourist areas in Bali or Yogyakarta. You can also find rare animals and plants whose notables are only available in Gorontalo.

Tourist Site In Gorontalo

Getting curious is it the same tourist spot? Here comes 7 tourist attractions you must visit in Gorontalo:

Bolihutuo Beach

The beach in Gorontalo is no less good dengan the beaches of Bali. For example, Bolihutuo Beach located in Boalemo County, Gorontalo. The beach is not widely known yet for its hidden location. Then it’s no wonder that this beach is on the list of hidden spot tourist spots in Indonesia. The unique features of the beach are its vast expanse of sea and pu sandher beautiful taillights. sunbathing and enjoying the beautiful splash of the waves became a very exciting activity. Not to mention the trees and momkit-high hill yang will you find along the road leading to Bolihutuo Beach.

Tomini Bay

Gorontalo became a tourist destination that presented tiresyak a choice of places. Besides the beach, Gorontalo also has a very beautiful bay called Tomini Bay. The bay is already very popular with the eyes of the world. The popular Sangkin, our Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries once held a national event at this site. Tomini Bay became a very crowded tourist spot visited ahead of the year-end holiday, also in the great days. Even so, the beauty and cleanliness of the bay are preserved. The water is also still very clean, meminguat the dinersg want a quick dive.

Love Pulo

Love Pulo’s name must be familiar in travellers. The island was named “Love Pulo” because it has white sand dunes resembling the shape of a heart in the middle of the island. Pulo Love becomes a very must-visit sightseeing spot while in Gorontalo. This Indonesian version of Maldives is breath taking and beautiful. The distance to the island is very close. Quite 20 minutes desirably on board, you will duguhkanis presented with a stunning view. The island also has a floating hotel that you can try. Lodging price Yes it’s expensive, but the cost is according to what it’s going to get.

Saronde Island

Saronde Island Becomes Gorontal Charm and Attractiono in domestic kancah and international kancah. This beautiful nan island is located in Ponono Subdistrict, North Gorontalo. The island’s unique features are coral reefs, white sand, and super-clear water giving you a glimpse of the water.

Ole Marine Park

Olele marine park or marine park becomes spot favorite for professional divers. This place offers truly amazing underwater natural beauty, plus coral reefs and pretty fish. Another unique feature that Olele Marine Park has is a coral flower named Salvador Dali Sponge that can only be found in this place. Even Bunaken Sea Park in Sulawesi alone tidi have it. This is what is the reason why this place is dear to be missed on vacation to Gorontalo.

Botu Barani Beach

In contrast to Indonesian beaches in general, Botu Barani Beach has a very large group of sharks and whales. You can see sharks and whales with the naked eye. The existence of these fish is believed to be the main attraction of this beach, plus the beauty of its clean expanse of sea.

Gorontalo Gold Walima Mosque

The last tourist spot that was affectionately missed was Gorotalo Golden Walima Mosque. The mosque is quite popular in both domestic and foreign countries. The unique feature of this mosque is that it is located on a hill, in contrast to mosques in general that are mostly on the roadside.


It’s also called a tourist spot, when it’s vacation time arriving is bound to be very crowded. To this end, plan your vacation time early and book airline tickets and exotic hotels to avoid overpriced accommodation fees.

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