5 Interesting Holiday Destinations in Malang That You Must Visit

For those of you who want to feel a different holiday sensation than usual, Apple City also has many spots that you can make as your vacation destination. Vacationing and staying in hotels sometimes feels very ordinary and may even be boring, therefore it never hurts you to try a vacation by camping in beautiful places that you may not have been to before.

Malang has weather and also beautiful natural conditions, it is perfect for you to make it a camping location with family or friends. In this city there are many places that you can make as a camping location, guaranteed you will not regret choosing Malang as a vacation destination.

Interesting Holiday Destinations in Malang

Check out some of the following tourist destinations in Malang, which you can make as a choice of holiday destinations:

Latar Ombo Gunung Panderman

Do not have to climb mount Panderman high, you can also enjoy its beauty by doing camping tours in the Ombo Background. The place that is in the middle of this forest, will provide a different camping and overnight atmosphere for you. Camping here will make you feel a different sensation, because it really blends with the leafy forest atmosphere. Ombo background you can make as a tourist choice for camping even though you have no previous mountain climbing experience, because the location is still in the lowlands. Although in the forest, you do not have to worry about water sources, here you can find a water source that is quite close and also clean.

Ungapan Beach

To reach this beach, you have to travel quite long, about 60 kilometers from Malang City or take 3 hours to reach it. But don’t worry, the scenery along the way is also no less charming, you will not get bored. Although the distance to Ungapan Beach is quite long, but it will be comparable to all the beauty you will meet there. This beach has white sand that stretches clean, here you will feel as if you are in a very different place than you previously imagined. The location is very beautiful, and very appropriate as a place to enjoy your vacation.

Ranu Kumbolo

This beautiful place has no doubt about its popularity, especially since the 5 cm movie made it as one of the filming locations. Camping and enjoying a night on the shores of Lake Ranu Kumbolo, will make you feel like you are in romantic places suitable for those of you who want to spend the holidays. Here you will enjoy a very different day, away from the crowds as well as the noise. Ranu Kumbolo is a quiet and very clear lake, where you can even see fish swimming. Weed grass will be a familiar sight when you are in Ranu Kumbolo can make the atmosphere become cooler and calmer.

Goa Beach China

This beach is certainly familiar to your ears, because almost all tourists who come to Malang will take the time to visit the location of this beach. According to the story, the cave on this beach is the hideout of a Chinese nobleman, where the noble did hermitage until his last breath. This beach is very beautiful and quite quiet, but it will certainly be more fun if you enjoy it in a different way than usual. Try to camp and enjoy the day on this beach quietly, you can relax and enjoy the waves that will make you forget about the routine.

Camping Ground Bendengan

This becomes one of the camping places that you can visit in Malang to enjoy a different vacation than usual. Bendengan Nature Tourism is an area that is used as a tree nursery location by PT. Pertamina, so at first this place was not opened to the general public. But since 2007, this location began to be opened and many used as a camping location by lovers of natural tourism.


It’s no secret that Malang city has a very beautiful tourist charm, even the air and weather there is also very cool weather and can make visitors feel at home for a long time. If you intend to vacation to Malang, then it never hurts to try camping in some beautiful places in the city of Apple. Malang has many suitable spots to serve as a camping location, bring your camping equipment and enjoy different tours in Malang City.

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