5 Children’s Educational Vacations in Jabodetabek

Traveling far and enjoying a vacation outside the city may be one of the fun options. However, not for now whose condition is still plagued by the corona pandemic or Covid-19. With holidays out of town, either by plane or train is very vulnerable to transmission of the virus.

Do not take risks, you should stay at home in times of pandemic like this is highly recommended. However, there are actually many tourist destinations in Jabodetabek that can be used as a vacation location for you and your family. Don’t just play and spend time at the mall. If you are, then you will find many fun tourist locations, even for children as well. Especially if you take them to various educational attractions, where they can get closer to learning the environment and nature.

Children’s Educational Holidays in Jabodetabek

Here are some tourist sites in Jabodetabek, you can make it as the right educational vacation spot for children.

Alam Sutera Family Park

This place is very spacious and has various facilities in it, so children will be very comfortable when visiting there. Alam Sutra Family Park has a special area called Kampoeng Maen, a place where children can find various games and play there very comfortably and also fun. There are various sizes of pools, even for children under five, so you don’t have to worry about letting them enjoy their holidays with other kids there. Alam Sutra Family Park will give a different holiday feel, where you and your family can spend vacation time by picnicking and setting up a tent there. This activity will certainly be very fun, especially if you as a family are so happy with various activities outside the home.

Kandank Jurank Doank

It’s fun for the kids and in Kandank Jurank Doank you could give them both things. Vacation in this place will make your children feel the joy of learning in a different atmosphere than usual, because it is indeed designed to get children so close to nature as well as the open environment around it. The Gorge Cage represents a play and learning area established by musician Kadank Jurank Doank. In the beginning, this place was only a nature school, but as time went by, Kandank Jurank is now a very convenient tourist site and many people visit. This place is so ruddy and comfortable for anyone who comes qualified to it, even for children as well. They will be at home and happy to spend their vacation period in Kandank Jurank Doank.

Green Leaf

This tourist site located in Sawangan, Depok area can also be used as a vacation spot for your children. This place has a very complete variety of support facilities and is guaranteed to make your vacation and family so comfortable and enjoyable. Green Leaf has a number of means, such as: green house, vertical garden, banded game rides, restaurants, and various other facilities. The place on the side of the highway even has a variety of educational game facilities and of course this is very appropriate if enjoyed by children. Here they can learn regarding many things that will make their insights grow and their vacations pass pleasantly.


The planetarium has been standing since decades ago, so many people assume that it is a tourist site that is already unpopular and rarely visited today. But that view certainly doesn’t match the variety of knowledge that you can introduce to children. In this place is a star theater, where you’re The family can enjoy all kinds of stories about the solar system and the formation of the universe. In this place, children can also witness a wide variety of constellations as well as a variety of other celestial bodies. There’s nothing wrong with you as a family enjoying a holiday at the Planetarium, a place in Cikini region of Central Jakarta that will take you and your children on a very interesting and different holiday than usual.

Land of Tingal

Bored of just enjoying a holiday in town with that atmosphere-that’s all? That is, you and the family should try to vacation to Tingal Land. This place will give you a very different atmosphere, where you and your family could enjoy the atmosphere of the tourist forest found there. It will certainly be quite different from your previous vacations. The land of Tingal has a number of flowering plants as well as a variety of other species that you may very rarely encounter elsewhere. Here you can take children to enjoy the clean and cool air of the tourist forest. The deciduous trees as well as a variety of children’s play activities that will make children feel at home and also happy.


Although currently there is still a transitional PSBB due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it does not mean that you and your family cannot enjoy a long vacation at the end of this year. In addition to being at home with various interesting activities, you can take children on vacation while studying at several recreational areas in jabodetabek. To make the vacation fun and stay safe by transmission of the disease virus, you and your children are essential to apply health protocols strictly, ranging from wearing masks, keeping a safe distance, as often as possible washing your hands with soap and running water or using a handsanitizer.

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