15 Exciting Cultural Tours in Bandung

Bandung is one of the most famous cities in West Java. Bandung has a unique geographical condition, that is, it is surrounded by beautiful natural panoramas. Bandung is widely visited by tourists from outside Bandung.

Bandung is also a historic city and a city rich in art. No wonder many cultural tourist attractions in Bandung. If you want to go to Bandung, maybe some of these places can be a reference to culture tourist well.

Cultural Tours

15 Exciting Cultural Tours in Bandung

1. Saung Angklung Udjo

Saung Angklung UdjoPaguThis Sunda art yuban was founded by a couple of Udjo Ngalagena and Uum Sumiati in the early 50s. The goal is to preserve Sunda Culture.

Opening of Saung Angklung Udjo starts with a Sunda Art performance. And from a good response, Saung Angklung Udjo this official stood in 1966.

At Saung Angklung Udjo there are several art facilities up to the performance stage dominated by local bamboo materials. In addition, inbound tourists will also be invited to play a traditional musical instrument clinging together. The location of this saung is on Jl. Padasuka, Cibeunying Kidul, Bandung City.

2. West Java Cultural Park

West Java Cultural Park this tour has long been famous, even since the days of Dutch colonization. However it used to be a tea and culinary place (dining place) under the name of Dago The Huis (Dago Tea House).

As time goes by these four changed functions to West Java Cultural Park. It is currently named the West Java Cultural Park Management Hall. The replacement of this function is aimed at preserving Sunda culture. Tourists can see performances and open theaters typical of Sunda.

It is located on the plateau Bandung, so tourists will stay at home lingering there with the tranquility and coolness there. In addition, tourists can also enjoy delicious dishes there.

3. Mahmud Customary Village

Mahmud Customary Village the center of the spread of Islam in Bandung city. It is located in Mekarrahayu Village, Margaasih District, Bandung Regency. As the name suggests, this village was only a small village, but it had a great reputation for the people of Bandung in the past.

Historical value of this village is a history of the development and spread of Islamic religion. Simplicity soon felt once it got into this village. Unlike other tourist sites that are always frenetic, not many tourists come.

Yet tourists are appliers to learn the history of Islam, which is about Eyang Dalem Abdul Manaf who is said to be the main character of the spread of Islam in the region.

4. Cikondang Customary Village

Cikondang Customary Village is one of the custom villages that keep cultural heritage from their ancestors. The location is in Lamajang Village, Pengalengan District, Bandung Regency.

This custom village has some of the Cikondang custom houses. There used to be ang springs surrounded or overgrown by large trees. This big tree was named Kondang. It is this name that goes back to the name of Cikondang village.

Tourists don’t like it either who visit, however if any tourists come, the public will gladly accept them. Even there are about 45 kinds of Cikondang’s signature food that must be tried. While touring history, also had a culinary tour.

5. Cireundeu Customary Village

As is the case with the village there is Cikondang, Cireundeu’s custom village is also a custom village that is still preserved until now. The position is in Leuwi Gajah Village, Cimahi City.

Tourists who come will could learn history as well as culture there. In addition, the nature around this custom village is still very sustainable. However please be careful because there is a forest prohibition that didn’t get into tourists.

This village also me often holding rituals as well as customary ceremonies, such as customary rituals for marriage, death, or birth. Tourists who want to see the ritual, had better come at the right time.

6. Barli Museum

Museum of Barli Cultural tourism and the history in Bandung is next to the Barli Museum. However the museum is not crowded enough and it is rare for tourists to stop by. Whereas the location is also not far from the center of the city, which is on Jl. Prof. Ir. Sutami.

Occupy a building a former Dutch relic, the museum embraces the life and artwork of a famous painter from Bandung named Barli Sasmitawinata. There of course there are works of Bar painting from time to time.

Barli was an ace paint Bandung who was born in 1921. He studied painting in the studio of Jos Pluimentz, a painter from Belgium. This barley itself is one class with Affandi of Jogja which also has its own Museum (Affandi Museum).

7. Daytime Rumpang Art Building

the art building of Rumbangan this afternoon be on Jl. Baranang Day, Bandung. This building is one of the buildings that is often used as the location of Bandung art activities. It used to be a former movie theater, but it has not been used since 1975.

In the end, the building was transitioned into an art building. The name Rumantang is taken from the Sundanese “ranges” meaning vaguely. What he means is that many Bandung artists look vague from afar.

Since the year of his inauguration, building this art is over 80 years old. However, his condition is no longer treated. In fact, this building has a history that is quite influential for the development of Bandung art itself.

8. Mayang Sunda Art Square

Mayang Art Square Sunda cropping an art troupe of Sunda in Bandung. It is located on Jl. Bandung map This building belongs to the local government of Bandung city and has until recently been functioning properly.

There are often held events or the way of art. Most of the art displayed there is traditional art and contemporary art. This will certainly add to the public’s knowledge of Sunda’s distinctive arts.

Reportedly, the building will be changed to the Art Building is on an international scale by the local government. Hopefully the plan can be realized well so that Sunda culture continues to be sustainable, even overseas.


This is how several cultural tourist attractions in Bandung can be reached for tourism purposes while in Bandung. Plan your vacation well so that the sightseeing trip can go maximum and without a hitch. May it be worthwhile.

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