12 Great and Cheap Bandung Culinary Tour Recommendations

Bandung is becoming a favorite tourist destination for travelers with all its strengths. In addition to natural tourism, Bandung is also known as one of the many visited culinary tourism destinations.

It is no exaggeration if Bandung becomes a favorite tourist destination for travelers. In addition to offering tours for vacation, Bandung is also one of the places known to have a variety of cuisines that is delicious at an affordable price.

The wide range of friendly tourism options in the pouch makes this city located in West Java Province always a magnet for tourists.

This above is added to the ease of transportation access to get to Bandung. You could use modes of transportation of buses, trains, as well as private cars.

Summarized from various sources, the following are recommendations for good and cheap Bandung culinary tours.

Bandung Culinary Tour Recommendations

12 Great and Cheap Bandung Culinary Tour Recommendations

1. Tiger Lotek

Lotek constitutes a food made of assorted vegetables combined with bean sprouts typical of Sunda soil. In passing this lotek is very similar to a gado-gado or pecel, yet with a sweeter flavor.

On Tiger Street, Lodaya, there is a place that serves lots whose names are quite embellished with the name taken from the street name of the place. In addition to lotek, there is no less delicious kolak ice.

2. Whisk Bandung Noodles Haji Endan

Bandung weather tends to be cold of course very suitable if you eat hot food. One of the cuisines you should try especially if it is not Mie Shuffle.

Chewy noodles combined with a rich gravy of spices into a perfect body warmer.

One of the at famous shake noodles in Bandung is Haji Endan shake noodles. The location of this Haji Endan shake noodle is located next to Kartika Sari’s ruko as well as several branches located in Silah Budi, Braga, and also Dago.

3. SKA Sea Kitchen

SKA Sea Kitchen the next good and cheap Bandung culinary tour recommendation that suits you culinary enthusiasts who come from seafood.

Even if it’s just a log breast milk on the side of the road, but the taste of this seafood dish is beyond doubt. In addition to grilled seafood, the specials of the foodstuffs located On Setiabudi Street this is his dance. You can choose either dabu-dabu or terraced sambal.

4. Bondon Perkedel

Incomplete taste if when you visit Bandung you don’t taste the cuisines that have been around since 1982 and still remain to this day. As legendary as this Perkedel Bondon is, you have to be ready in line to enjoy it.

Bondon’s Perkedel located on Jalan Jalan East Station, Number 14, Kebon Jeruk, Andir District, Bandung City, this perkedel is very suitable for a snack or dinner.

5. Cisangkuy Market

Cisangkuy market is food court that provides plenty of food menus, ranging from traditional nusantara cuisine to outdoor menus. So that you don’t have to worry about inviting others with different tastes of tongue.

In addition to providing this heavy food, Bandung culinary sightseeing spot also sells a variety of belly harvesting snacks if you are not so hungry, such as meatballs, pinch cakes, wedang ronde, block cakes, green banana ice, and more.

Everything can be fun get at a very affordable price.

6. Paskal Food Bandung

Paskal Food Market located on Pasirkaliki Street became an incarceration of tourists who wanted to hunt cuisines. Known as the culinary paradise in Bandung, Paskal Food Bandung serves dozens of food stands, ranging from typical culinary dishes of nusantara, Chinese food, Korean food, and more.

Not only does it specialize right, variety of food choices, Paskal Food Bandung is also equipped with live-music and features a semi-outdoor concept, which will provide an unforgettable culinary tour experience.

7. C’Mar Rice Shop

Hungry at night the day won’t be anything to bother you on a visit to Bandung. C’Mar’s rice stall becomes the answer as you get hungry as night approaches.

The stall is located di Braga Road No. This 69 serves a variety of Sunda’s cuisine menus with unquestionable flavors at reasonably reasonable prices.

8. Madtari’s Toast

Culinary tour Bandung you have to taste is Madtari toast. Madtari Bakery is on Bandung No. 12 Ivory Rangga Street. Menus offered such as toast, various processed bananas, and Indomie. All comes with abundant cheese.

Madtari also providesI’ll have a warm drink to warm the cool air of Bandung at night. This place has never been deserted by visitors let alone young visitors.

9. Astana Bistic Rice Anyar

Culinary tour Bandung the next you have to taste is astana ayar bistic rice. Bistic rice here is fried rice topped with boneless fried chicken meat with french fries, carrots, beans, and sprinkled with BBQ sauce. Price of one serving of rice meal this astana anyar bistik ranges from 19 thousand rupiah.

10. Full Coffee Shop

Full Coffee Shop is a legendary culinary tour of Bandung whose buildings resemble Dutch houses in the old colonial period. Nuggets here are like taking you back in colonial times.

Vintage mood felt included in interior design as well as used furniture. It is located on Alkateri Road No. 22. Its flagship menu is milk coffee and srikaya jam bread.

11. Sate Hadori

Sate Hadori Bandung is on Bandung East Station Road. It is located close to the door of Old Bandung Station. The cooker with the main ingredient of this young female goat’s back thigh meat is served with a choice of soy sauce seasoning or savory bean seasoning. There are also other menus such as beef sate and sate sinereut.

Sate Hadori This turned out to be so legendary and often challenged by state dignitaries including the president. Sate Hadori has been pioneered since 1940. Here visitors can also see sate processing ranging from meat cutting, mowing, to burning.

12. Ronde Alkateri

Culinary tourismer night incomplete with warm drinks. Wedang Ronde Alkateri can connect at Bandung Alkateri Street at night. Located near Bandung City Square, it is suitable for you who want to relax enjoying the beautiful city of Bandung.

Alkateri Rounde consists of a warm blend of ginger and the sweetness of java sugar, plus a chewy round of warm with a savory, crispy peanut filling in the mouth. This round became even the most legendary round in Bandung with many fans. Alkateri ronde suitable for accompanying relaxation in the coolness of Bandung city.

Final Words

That is the recommendation of good and cheap Bandung culinary tours that you must try when visiting this flower town.

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