12 Culinary Tourist Places in Solo That You Must Visit

The city of Solo or known under the slogan “The Spirit of Java” is indeed one of Indonesia’s must-visit cities. Solo holds numerous collections of sightseeing spots, ranging from natural tourism, historical tourism, shopping tourism to the most popular being culinary tourism.

There are 10 culinary sightseeing spots in Solo that you must taste when you have a chance to go to Solo. What kind of culinary dishes are there? Check out the following full review:

Culinary Tourist Places in Solo

12 Culinary Tourist Places in Solo That You Must Visit

1. Selat of Solo Mbak Lies

Never heard of a meal Selat Solo? The Selat Solo is a cuisine that contains pieces of ground meat combined with carrots, lettuce, bean sprouts, potatoes and peas. The Selat Solo is served with a sprinkling of thick gravy with a very distinctive salty sweetness.

One of the selat cuisines Solo in Solo City’s most popular one is Mbak Lies’ stall which is on the Gang Yudistira Veteran Street of Solo. It’s guaranteed that it will taste so bad and addictive.

2. Soto Gading, The Square South

A Visit to Your Solo can taste one of the popular culinary snacks which is Soto Gading which is near Keraton Solo South Square. Of the many famous soto stalls, this soto shop is indeed the most popular buyer.

White rice served with soon noodles and chicken meat. The rich clear gravy aroma of spices makes your morning feel warmer and more vibrant.

3. Timlo Sastro

Timlo was indeed become Solo’s signature snack that is easily found anywhere. From small roadside stalls to resto-resto many serve this traditional Solo cuisine.

Yet one Timlo’s most legendary stall is Timlo Sastro which has been standing since 1952. Timlo itself is a serving of chicken broth soup that has filling in the form of carrots, ati ampela, sausages, potatoes and chicken. It’s very steady to be enjoyed with skin crackers.

4. Bale Padi Resto

Resto Rice Bale located on Kadilangu Baki Pandeyan Street is also one of the culinary tours in Solo that you must taste. Best to enjoy with family amid the balmy cool breeze atmosphere.

Uniquely, this resto serves different cooking menus between morning and evening. In the morning to afternoon, usually served with embal pat, sauteed tofu, oseng tempee pare and sirloin. Whereas at night there are processed seafood that is very delicious.

5. Notosuman Serabi

For the people of Java Middle, serabi has indeed been popular for a long time as a traditional signature food. No exception in Solo, there is a legendary serabi stall that you must taste when visiting this town which is Serabi Notosuman located on Moh Street. Yamin

a made cooker of this rice flour and coconut cream dough has never been lonely with interest even though there are only two flavored variants, original and brown.

6. Dawet Telasih Ice Belonging to Ms. Dermi

With the weather of Solo that is hot, make sure you taste the freshness of Ms. Dermi’s quilted ice.

Simply eject just five thousand you can enjoy a bowl of ice containing marrow pulp, black sticky rice, sticky tape, cendol and acorn.

7. Pleret Gempol Ice

In addition to the ice dawet, Solo you can also find Mr. Suhar’s plexus ice cube which is on Dr. Wahidin Street. nowadays there aren’t many who sell this ice.

Gizzard oneself up shall be rice flour which is formed round flat and obtained. While pleret is a rice flour dough mixed with java sugar. Gizzard and pleret inmix into one and sprinkle ice gravy.

8. Liwet Rice

Less complete rasping if you don’t enjoy the culinary delight of Kraton City’s signature culinary dish. Liwet rice is a savory white rice dish equipped with vegetables. Ashes, boiled eggs and chicken shredded that became his favorite Solo society.

One of the popular liwet rice is the Liwet Wongso Lemu Rice Shop which has been around since 1950.

9. Kupat Tofu Mr. Brewok

Culinary tour in Solo this one is a sliced ketupat with cabbage, bean curd, fried tofu, and yellow noodles.

Soy sauce sauce and onion water sprinkled on top of it has a distinctive flavor. You are obliged to peddle Tahut Kupat Mr. Brewok who is in Jalam R.M Said.

10. Sate Kere Yu Rebi

Make those of you who like sate, Sate Kere Yu Rebi can be your culinary destination on a visit to Solo. This sate is made from cow innards a very affordable price, of course, rather than the meat.

like sate-sate on general, sate kere is also served with rice cake and bean curd.

11. Tengkleng Bu Edi Klewer Market

After walking around the historical and cultural wealth of Solo City, it would be incomplete if it did not visit Klewer Market. In addition to being famous for its batty fabrics, the market is also a popular culinary sightseeing spot.

In Klewer Market, you should taste the nape menu of Ms. Edi, which opens from 14:00 and is located in the northern part of the market arch. In a typical day, in just a matter of hours this nape has run out without any residue.

So if you’re interested try, it’d better be here an hour before it opens. This nape of Bu Edi consists of white rice served with processed goat’s viscera and bones, then sprinkled with yellow gravy. The taste is so fresh, savory and a little spicy.

12. Solo Pecel

Recommendation Solo’s last culinary tour was Solo’s pecel. The mainstay menu of this Pecel Stall is Ndeso Pecel consisting of red rice, spinach leaves, papaya leaves, turi flowers, banana heart, kenikir leaves, sprinkled with distinctive pecel seasoning with sweet, salty, spicy and savory flavors.

To accompany Pecel Ndeso menu, you can order traditional drinks with herbal ingredients such as bristled rice, pandan ginger, tamarind, betel, curcuma and many other traditional menus. Not only is the menu delicious, this place is also convenient and the shades of this Solo Pecel Stall are very distinctive with this cultural city.

This place ban location on Jl. Dr. Soepomo No. 55 Mangkubumen. The price of the menu here is also still affordable, ranging from IDR 10,000 to IDR 20,000. The hours are not twice a day, which is 08.00 – 16.00 and 18.00 – 22.00.

Final Words

Thus do six recommendations of Solo culinary tours at a friendly price in the bag. While riding to Solo, don’t let you miss these twelve cuisines.

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