10 Countries Indonesians Can Visit, Most Are Quarantine Free

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, many countries have shut down access to foreign tourists for the sake of the safety and health of their people.

However, the presence of the Covid-19 vaccine, including neighboring Indonesia, which is both located in the Asian region, has already opened an entrance access for foreign tourists.

Some countries have relaxed the Covid-19 health protocol by not requiring quarantine for an Indonesian who is already a complete Covid-19 vaccine.

However, other parts of the country still impose quarantine for all foreign tourists who are about to take a vacation. The following is a list of neighboring countries that have received the arrival of foreign tourists from Indonesia.

Countries Quarantine Free

10 Countries Indonesians Can Visit, Most Are Quarantine Free

1. Myanmar

Myanmar Government is known to have reopened flights for international passengers starting April 17, 2022.

After two years of not opening flights to foreign tourists, Myanmar opened them again because the Covid-19 case rate had already begun to fall.

Even though it’s open of flights for travelers from abroad, Myanmar Health Ministry remains obliging week-long quarantine for incoming foreign tourists.

In addition, PCR tests are conducted twice, Every foreign tourist must have had a complete vaccination.

2. Singapore

The country that be this direct border with Indonesia has begun to relax regulations related to foreign tourists from various countries that will visit including Indonesia.

Through the Path Vaccination Travel (VTL), Indonesians have been released from quarantine and are only required to conduct self-sustaining antigen tests under the supervision of the Singaporean government.

That regulation it has come into effect since February 21, 2022. Another rule to obey is that foreign tourists must already be fully vaccinated. VTL itself is a special tourist path of one country to country.

Base Safe Travel Singapore, tourists who are about to take a vacation can apply for admission conditions first. Conditions for entry into Singapore are to use Vaccinated Travel Pass (VTP), applicable if it has been qualified, such as the complete dose vaccine UK dangerous and QR coded in Care Protect.

For the want sightseeing in Singapore, don’t forget that VTPs can be submitted starting from 3-60 days before the departure date. As for the validity period of VTP is approximately 13 days from dependent foreign tourists began to enter Singapore.

3. Thailand

Other than Singapura, Thailand has also started accepting foreign tourist arrivals without quarantine under the Test & Go scheme. Only certain countries alone can enter Thailand under the scheme, including Indonesia.

Requirement must for foreign tourists is to have to get a complete vaccination at least 14 days before departure. The entire scheme for registration of visits to Thailand without quarantine with Test & Go could be carried out over long official Thailand Pass Registration System.

Registration the Test & Go scheme can be carried out from February 1, 2022 and must be carried out at least seven days before departure.

4. Cambodia

Cambodia can said to be the country that has already released quarantine for all foreign tourists who have been vaccinated Covid-19 in full. The country is known to have imposed quarantine-free measures for foreign tourists since last November 15, 2021.

Prime Menteri Cambodia Hun Sen announced, foreign tourists are only obliged to do Rapid Tests and wait for the results at their recommendations. Foreign tourists with direct negative results are allowed sightseeing. Meanwhile, those who have not been vaccinated completely are still required to carry out quarantine for 14 days.

5. Malaysia

The country that Indonesian government has also received tourist visits from all countries without quarantine from March 1, 2022.

Based on the proposal of the Ministry of Health in the country, even if it has been released from quarantine, foreign tourists still have to undergo Covid-19 tests before arriving in Malaysia.

The Thing has been described by the National Recovery Council (NRC) chaired by former Malaysian Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin.

6. Australia

For two last resort, Australia is known to have closed access to foreign tourists during pandemic Covid-19. However, now from February 21, 2022, the Australian government has opened the entrance of foreign tourists who want to come to Kangaroo Country.

Foreign tourist may come in are those who have gotten a complete vaccine, twice. The vaccine carried out is also mandatory for the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

Vaccine type accepted are AstreaZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna, and Sinovac which are mandatory twice the dose.

As for One-time dose of the vaccine only applies to Johnson & Johnson/ Janssen types. Meanwhile, foreign tourists who have not yet received the vaccine are required to apply for travel exemptions in order to enter Australia.

Other terms for those who have not been vaccinated is conducting quarantine according to regulations in a number of states and territory in Australia.

State and the pre-opened territories are New South Weles, Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, and North Territory, whereas for Western Australia it starts opening on March 3, 2022.

7. Philippines

Next ad· A Philippines that has already allowed foreign tourists to enter their country since February 10, 2022. A total of about 150 countries have already been allowed into the Philippines and are known to be no longer obliged to undergo quarantine.

Foreign tourist non-mandatory quarantine sites designated by the local government are those already in the complete Covid-19 vaccine and the test results are negative.

8. Vietnam

There’s more neighboring country about Indonesia which has opened a border for foreign tourists to its country, namely Vietnam. For tourists who want to visit Vietnam, they must follow the Covid-19 test with negative results before departure.

Other terms is a mandatory Covid-19 vaccine within the last six months or at least 14 days before entering Vietnam.

Until the this country, foreign tourists are obliged to undergo quarantine on the first day, as well as must have medical accountability during the trip.

Bearing the medical accountability is 10,000 US dollars worth of money or around IDR 143 million.

If it is not already invaccines, they can still enter on condition of undergoing seven-day quarantine and conducting PCR tests on the first and seventh days.

9. Papua Niugini

Papua Niugini has opened entrance access for foreign tourists without quarantine since February 16, 2022. The conditions for entry into Papua Niugini are mandatory Covid-19 complete vaccines, except for prospective travelers under the age of 18 or Papua Niugini residents.

Covid-19 test results negative within 72 hours prior to departure, unless the child ages that five. When arriving in Papua Niugini, foreign tourists must undergo another Covid-19 test, and if the test is positive then it must be quarantined for seven days.

If there is an foreign those infected with Covid-19 in the last three months, they were obliged to carry a medical certificate stating they had recovered.

10. Laos

Laos open for foreign tourists from 17 countries including Indonesia since last January 1, 2022, was quoted from Visa Laos. Foreign tourists who are allowed to enter are those who have been fully vaccinated by Covid-19 and can enter Laos in a number of designated locations.

Full vaccine it at least it is mandatory to be given a minimum of 14 days before departure, if not yet the vaccine remains mandatory to undergo quarantine. They are obliged to also undergo PCR tests with negative results no later than issued 72 hours before departure.

Tourists must has minimum liability health insurance of 50,000 US dollars or about IDR 717 million. In addition, foreign tourists need to register online and download the Laos Covid-19 application and are obliged to upload Covid-19 vaccination certificates and test results.

Final Words

So, where have you been planning for the holidays?

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